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Development of New Business Models
Overseas Projects
Museum / Exposition / Theme Park
Urban Planning / Regional Development
New Business Development / Commercial Facilities
Architecture / Interior Design
Flexible Produce
Development of New Business
2020 Tomoiki Nippon Gateway Narita
2019 Tachikawa Rugby Stadium
2018 Ark Labo
2017 Imaginary Garden Construction Project (CHINA)
Asia-Euro Civilisational Exchange Centre Construction Project (UZBEKISTAN)
2016 Japan Festoon Sugoroku
2015 One Village One Story (Narrative Tourism)
2014 Bird's-eye Gaia & Insect's-eye Gaia
Aqua Fantasia
2011 Waction Project
2009-10 CC Synergy Strategy
2006 A system for decomposing and eliminating CO2
2004-05 Peer Pits
2003 Business Development of Vending Machine System
2002-03 Active Carbon Fiber Heater
2002 VSAT / IP Casting
2001 Radiant Carbon Fiber Cable
 - Defrosting machine for refrigerated bento
 - Keeping-heat-in plate for cooked delicatessen
Digital Wall System
 - Internal information system of Atre Ebisu
Overseas Projects
2014- Petra Museum Construction Project (JORDAN)
2013 Petra Museum Construction Project (JORDAN)
Station Akiba (INDONESIA)
2012 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dispatch of Experts at giving Support for opening the National Museum (JORDAN)
Theme Park Project (CAMBODIA)
Tourism Development Project of the Thua Thien Hue Province (VIETNAM)
he Project to keep the Kalimantan Woods (INDONESIA)
2010-11 Construction of 200 Educational Facilities (PAKISTAN)
2010 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dispatch of Museum Operation & Management Expert (JORDAN)
2009-10 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dispatch of Museum Opening Expert (JORDAN)
2009 Tikal National Park Cultural Heritage Conservation & Study Centre Construction Project / Preliminary Study (GUATEMALA)
2008 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Special Assistance for Project Implementation for the Tourism Sector Development Project (JORDAN)
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Short Term Dispatch of Museum Exhibition Expert (JORDAN)
2007 Tourism Development through Museum Activities of the Sigiriya Museum (SRI LANKA)
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Short Term Dispatch of Museum Administration Expert(JORDAN)
2005-07 The Grand Egyptian Museum Development Project (EGYPT)
2005 Dead Sea Exhibition Project (JORDAN)
2004 Karachi Vitalization Scenario (PAKISTAN)
2003-08 National Museum Construction Project (JORDAN)
2003 GALA O-bento in New York (USA)
2001 Establishment of Electronic Municipality (INDONESIA)
Tree Planting and Wooden Products Manufacturing (INDONESIA)
2000-01 Establishment of Electronic Government (PHILIPPINES)
2000 Theme Park 'Aqua Planet' (CHINA)
1999-2000 Construction of 200 Educational Facilities (PAKISTAN)
1996-2000 Construction of 606 Junior Secondary Schools (INDONESIA)
1996 Construction of HONDA's New Factory (INDONESIA)
Construction of Biggest Bus Terminal in Bangkok (THAILAND)
1995 Hotel Development (VIETNAM)
1994 Urban Development in Jakarta (INDONESIA)
1993 Conservation and Tourism Development of Ajanta and Ellora (INDIA)
1991 Special Assistance for Project Sustainability of Borobudur/Prambanan Archeological Parks (INDONESIA)
1990 Post Appraisal of Borobudur/Prambanan Archeological Parks (INDONESIA)
Museum / Exposition / Theme Park
2019 Language Museum
2013 Aqua Fantasia
2004-05 Vitalization Project of Mitsubishi First Building
2003 'Global Village' at EXPO 2005
2002 Competition of World Water Forum Shiga
Competition of 'Electricity Pavilion' at EXPO 2005
Competition of Exhibition for National Science Museum
1998-2000 Establishment of Earthwork Museum
1996 Construction of Tazawako Herb Garden
1993 Planning of Yutorisuto Park Nakamura Daio
1992-93 Direction of Kitakata International Exchange Village
1992 Development of Asama Royal Park 'Gaia Ship "Dream Time"'
1990-91 Planning of Kukai Museum in Sanuki Mannou National Park
1989 Development of Tsuna Resort Island
Development of Tazawako Resort Area
Development of Hiroshima Leisure Land
Utilization of Shin-Nikko Annex
1988 Planning of Airship Izumi
Planning of Japanese Government Pavilion at International Garden Exposition
Planning of Yatsushiro Children's Kingdom
Competition of Information System for Tokyo New City Hall
Urban Planning / Regional Development
2003-04 Construction Project of Iwaki Industrial Support Center
Workshop for Takasaki Project
1996 Development of Onuma Resort
Planning of Onuma Camp Enterprise
1995 Planning of Rural City Construction
1993-94 Construction of Excellent Water Park at Hakushu
1992-93 Vitalization of Makioka
1992 Establishment of 21-century Vision for Nagano City
1991 Urban Development of Western Hills of Hiroshima
Development of Tsubonuma in Sendai 'Narrative Garden'
1990-91 Promotion of Urban Redevelopment at front of Sendai Station
1990 Regional Development for Tokyu Group
Development of Yufu Highland
1989 Vitalization of Tokyo Freight Terminal
1988 Redevelopment of North Gate of Shakujii-Koen Station
New Business Development / Commercial Facilities
2015 Another LUMINE
2003 Competition of Venus Fort
2001-02 Workshop on Version-Up of Atre
1999-2000 Planning of Health Navigator
1995 Development of Amusement Business
1994 Revitalization of Nihonbashi Store of Tokyu Department Store
1993-95 Emerging of Movable/Real Estate
1993 Revitalization of Tokyu Department for 60-year Anniversary
1990 Planning of Futtsu Shopping Center
1989-90 Development of 'Playing' Market for Takashimaya
1988 Tiling Performance for TOTO
Architecture / Interior Design
1994 Construction of Zoom Building
1990 Interior Decoration of Saloon Rei
1989 Interior Decoration of Sasaki House
Flexible Produce
2014 Preparatory Study for Sapporo Olympics & Palalympics 2026
2005 ODA Introduction Panels
2003-04 Creation and Management of the 42nd IBM User Symposium
2003 Competition of Science and Technology Promotion in Shiga Prefecture
2002 Image Projection System for 'Break' at Ueno Station
Creation of Promotion Contents of DLP Projector for JR East
2001 Creation of Promotion Contents of DLP Projector
1996 Production of Commercial Film for Sannai-Maruyama Remains
1995 Implementation of 'Container Village' Workshop at Kobe
1993-96 Implementation of Architecture Workshop at Hakushu Art Camp
1993 Study on Exhibition/Trade Fair/Convention at Power Resources Area
1991 Planning of 'Big Apple'
1990 Naming of Town Facilities at Yokohama Minato-Mirai 21
Promotion of Housing Business for Hitachi Group
Membership of NTT Creators Forum
Lecturing at Dining-Out Seminar
Membership of Studying Committee on Chuo-Line Elevation at Tokyo Station
1989 Planning of Opening Event of Yokohama International Peace Convention Center
1988-96 Implementation of Art Camp Hakushu
1988 Recording and Evaluation of Art Camp Hakushu
Producing of CI for Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
Coordination of Opening Event of Michinoku Forest National Park
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