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@ The wonder of mind

When I was a graduate student, 24 years old, I established an architectural office, and after that I established a company one after another for what I wanted to do at each occasion and handed it over to my colleague e.g. a consultant company specifically for an overseas project, a TV production in New York and an advertising production.
And now I have established and maintained a company which has been making few profit but only pursuing dreams so far.

In short I have never been employed at all, just like a grasshopper in the Aesop's fable "Ant and grasshopper", I have been living as I like without nobody's order. So, I think, by myself, that I have a comparatively flexible brain, have a good idea and can receive others with broad mind, but actually ---



I am envious of others luck and jealous of others success, and almost become despair in the worst case.

It is plain that envying others is of no profit at all and makes envious oneself unpleasant.
We can dare say that the only merit of envying others may be that by a spirit of rivalry will result from envying others and a sprit of effort to come up with and then get ahead of others will, or can, be driven.

Only a human being feels jealousy to others, doesn't it?
It is difficult to imagine that plants or amoebae feel jealousy, however the mammals, such as anthropoid apes close to a human beings, feel jealousy, don't they?
A monkey is said to do prostitution for getting a banana or so, it can be expected well that it may feel jealousy.
As for such a matter, we may need to carefully read books of Desmond Morris once more.
In order to feel jealousy others and oneself should clearly be distinguished. Whether reptiles or amphibian animals feel jealousy becomes uncertain at such a point.

The question of jealousy is not limited to the personal level, i.e. others and oneself, but exists in the inside of a person.
The skin transplant operation is one of the most frequent treatments for a heavy burn. For example, if we try to transplant part of a thigh skin to the face, a face skin often shows an immunological rejection against the thigh skin, let alone the transplant of others skin or internal organs. I sometimes think that this case is one of the jealousy forms in a broad meaning.

If the limit is expanded, the struggles between tribes or religions, which have continuously been repeated from the ancient to the present, might be one of the jealousy forms, I sometimes think so.

The problems between Arab and Israel which have been playing the most violent fights in today's world, through my observation of the struggle between the both who has long been working actually in Jordan or Egypt, do not seem to be leveraged by the logical differences between the Old Testament and the Koran, still less by the tribal ones because Jew and Arab belong to the same Semitic, furthermore Arabic and Hebrew are very similar, but seem to be heavily leveraged by the jealousy against the fact that Israel suddenly invaded the land of Arab, exactly Palestinian, established a state and the state has been developing so speedily that Arabic states can not catch up with it.

I sometimes imagine whether intellectual living things having no jealousy, who might live in our Galaxy or other galaxies such as the adjacent Andromeda Galaxy which may merge with or collide with our Galaxy after 1.2 billion years later, have existed or been existing. Intelligence can not be developed without jealousy, can it? Intelligence and jealousy are common in placing distance between others and oneself,,,

The attached picture is 'Adam and Eve expelled from the paradise'. The 'Fruit of knowledge about good and evil' may have been the 'Fruit of jealousy'. It was the 'Evil of jealousy' who finally came out of the 'Pandora's Box' in the Greek mythology.

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