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Wisdom Mall

The museum of the future in the 21st century shall be a wisdom mall (accessible), not a wisdom palace (unreachable) like a museum constructed before the end of the 20th century. The wisdom mall shares the joy of finding and interacting, while the wisdom palace is the place where visitors are passively shown and taught.

In the wisdom mall visitors can find something unknown, ask about mysteries hidden inside them and discover something that satisfies them, even though it may not be an ultimate answer, through one-to-one exhibition.

Visitors can stroll about through all corners of the wisdom mall, as their fancy takes them, enjoying a variety of virtual explorations created by the ICT devices.


Incubator of Knowledge

The museum of the future shall be an incubator which stimulates people into using their own intelligence, and has the ability to share peoplefs fruits all over the world.

People, either inside or outside of a museum, can freely access or use the incubator which is composed of both manual and digital incubation programmes. The manual incubation programme is practiced by museum staff, while the digital incubation programme is operated by interactive devices networked with the ICT infrastructure.

The incubator functions not only for people but also for a museum itself. The incubator encourages museum staff to promote themselves to incubation guides, and encourages a whole museum to develop itself into an ever evolving museum.


The museum of the future will ultimately be a hyper-museum. The hyper-museum has no boundaries which divide space between inside and outside. The hyper-museum changes every space and time into ones for the muses, the nine goddesses who preside over art and study of poetry, music, dancing and history.

The hyper-museum is a global network museum which covers all fields in the world and every being on the earth. Every community, home or person is closely connected with the network and holds its images inside themselves. Every knowledge or technique including imagination attained by someone can be instantaneously shared with everyone who wishes to do so.

The hyper-museum is supported by invisible ICT infrastructure covering the entire globe. The invisible ICT infrastructure is so seamless that nobody is aware of the existence of electronic devices or techniques. Everything goes so naturally, it is the hyper-museum of tomorrow.

The attached photograph is an amulet of Tutankhamun.
A traditional museum introduces the amulet as follows: What is this? Where was this found? When was this made? Who made this? A traditional museum focuses on logic details.
A coming museum introduces the amulet as follows: What is this? Why was this made? How was this made? A coming museum will be filled with not only logic but also lyric vibrations.

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