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Visitor-Oriented Operation

Most of the existing museums are operated only for themselves. Such operation can be called 'operator-oriented operation'. In 'operator-oriented operation' the priority of operation is given to maintaining the stability of the museum itself.

Almost all business activities have turned their business target from manufacturing (supplier side) to consuming (customer side). The operation activities of a museum of the future should also turn its operation target from the operator side to the visitor side. A museum in the 21st century should practice 'visitor-oriented operation'.

The 'visitor-oriented operation' can be supported by an interactive operation mechanism, which will be established with firm and flexible ICT infrastructure.


Fail-Safe System

On a commercial basis, as opposed to a military basis, the fail-safe system was firstly introduced into the 'Jumbo-jet' development project, the biggest passenger plane. The fail-safe system is, in a word, a double safety system which decreases accident probability by half.

It is often misunderstood that a multi safe system is safer than a double safe system; however, cold facts prove that a multi safe system is less safe than a double safe system because the multi safe system has no key factor for ultimately avoiding a risk.

A fail-safe system can be established by smoothly and strictly combining manual security management borne by well-trained operators with a digital security mechanism supported by the ICT infrastructure.


The director of the Nubia Museum is convinced that the key to fruitful staff training is through 'laugh and loyalty'. That is to say, 'hearty loyalty results from joyful laughter' or 'hearty loyalty can not result without joyful laughter'. The loyalty is to the whole museum and the laughter is with individual staff themselves.

The laugh results from the joy, which results from accomplishment of self-advancement.

Self-education is one of the surest methods for trainees to advance themselves, and the ICT infrastructure will assist trainees' self-education firmly and flexibly.
Staff's joy of self-advancement will be shared with visitors' satisfaction of mutual advancement on various occasions and stages in a museum of the future through the visitor-oriented operation.

The attached photograph is the Nubia Museum in Aswan. "Lonely Planet" introduces the Nubia Museum as follows; It is a very small and belated thanks to the sacrifice made by the Nubian people for the Aswan Dam.

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