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@ A look to Africa

This is my personal problem, but I was astonished at noticing it very recently that I haven't had "Africa" within myself at all.

The 'Grand Egyptian Museum,' the ongoing project to which I have almost been devoted for nearly a year, is located at the north-east end of the African Continent, however I have been feeling and looking to Egypt from the Eurasia, the Mediterranean Sea or the Near Middle East, even though the origin of the Nile River goes up to the middle of Africa.

The so-called 'Egyptology' was set about by the Napoleon's expedition over to Egypt in 1798, the 'Rosetta Stone' was decoded by Champollion thanks to the expenditure, and a lot of mysteries about the ancient Egypt have been explained, even to the extent that we may dare to ask "really so?" However, I have begun wondering if those decoding results are considerably unreliable.


As the name of 'Egypt' is originated in the Greek language, the overall 'Egyptology' has been established along the stream of the 'Caucasian sovereign movement' in Europe, and of bad character. The above matter has become clear through my study on Egypt.

I know that there are a lot of such stories even though we don't particularly focus on 'Egyptology,' but I lost my word against the fact that there has not been 'Africa' amidst myself, not against the 'European leadership' or the 'Caucasoid sovereignty.'

Though I'm a map freak, I cannot tell the names of recently independent countries in Africa from memory, except for the names of Caribbean island countries which have a lot of the 'Saint something.'

I know it is one of the most unfair, but, I want to raise a problem in the school education. We have never been taught about 'Africa' from the primary school to the university.

We studied the 'Egyptian civilisation' as one of the 'four major civilisations,' however it was not the 'part of Africa' but a special place named 'Egypt.'

Though I think that it is probably due to my personal innocence, 'Africa' to me has been the 'Africa which lost all,' neither the 'glorious Sahara which left the mythology of Dogon' nor the 'kingdom in Central Africa which developed the iron civilisation.'

Putting the blame on the education once more, 'Africa' has intentionally been erased in the thought education lead by the West after the 'Meiji Restoration' and in the Japan's own imperialistic national thought, I think. I'm ashamed of myself who become aware of that matter now.

I'm now thinking how to establish the 'Grand Egyptian Museum' from the 'viewpoint of Africa' as well, though I know that it would be a considerably hard task.

The attached photograph is the 'water mill in Fayoum.'
Fayoum is a city located about 100 km southwest from Cairo where a gigantic lake, possible bigger than the biggest lake in Japan, appears amidst the desert suddenly.
As it locates 40 metres below the sea level, they have been irrigating using a variety of water mills from the Pharaonic period.
The oldest pyramid also exists in this area. The Pharaohs wanted enjoy delicious vegetable and fruit even after they died, I presume so.

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