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@ Squid Troubles

I have been reduced to continuing fighting against squid for these ten years, squid, for example the 'whole baked squid' sold at a fair stall, which I loved as one of my best favourites.

The dawn of the troubles was in Jakarta in the summer of 1997.

"Tempura of squid's legs" was a tricky one, which I ate at a 'Japanese Restaurant' in the 'Block M', the biggest downtown in Jakarta, the restaurant where I enjoyed drinking and eating almost every evening.
The moment I got the tempura into my mouth, I felt it 'chancy,' so I ran back to my hotel, about 5 minutes from the restaurant, rushed into the toilet and tried to vomit forcibly by putting my fingers into the mouth, but it was TOO LATE.
After several hours a stitch began in my stomach, never settled down, either keeping lying, sitting or standing, and finally triggered appendicitis. In the next evening I was wound up being operated on.

As I enjoyed 'squid' without any troubles for about 7 years after that, I thoroughly forgot the Jakarta accident, HOWEVER;

I never expected at all that the real curtain would be raised in the summer of 2004 in Karachi.
There was an authentic Japanese restaurant on the top floor of a hotel representing Karachi, as they gave a tacit consent to my secret drinking alcoholic drink, I ordered "Teppan-yaki" with showy performance taking less account of the menu, and baked 'squid' came to me being mixed with beef and vegetables.
I enjoyed all of them, why not, however after around 6 hours a stitch began and had a doctor called into my room and got a big injection, and then the affair was settled anyway.


One of the popular menus of an English Pub, one of my best favourite pubs in Amman, was "Seafood Curry," and I often enjoyed it, however the one I ordered someday in the beginning of 2005 was "Squid Curry" with full of squid, not the one with various marine products, probably because the Mediterranean or the Red Sea was stormy. I don't think it necessary to talk about the succeeding story.

In succession, at the end of the same year, the 'squid troubles' broke out.
There was an Italian restaurant, a celebrated one in Cairo, in a five-star hotel in Cairo where I stayed for a long time in those days, and I enjoyed spaghetti almost every day. Curry and spaghetti are ones of my best favourites.
"Seafood Spaghetti" I ordered one day came to my table as "Squid Spaghetti" like in Amman. A big trouble broke out again.

Until the 'troubles in Amman' I explained to myself that 'I was so busy that I was tired out,' however at the time of the 'troubles in Cairo,' I learned by experience, so I ,anyway, began thinking whether the relation between squid and myself became worse, HOWEVER, around in the middle of May this year, 2006, when I was received in Tokyo, at an elegant Japanese restaurant where I already visited several times, when a kind of Japanese salad with 'fire fly squid' was served as a side menu, I was shrunk not a few, BUT I quickly judged that it would be safe because even the raw fire fly squid was smaller than the thumb and only three pieces, and ate them. It was the opening to the hell. After more than a half day a stitch, widely different from that of the 'troubles' so far, ran about my stomach, and even I whose good point is only his health seriously thought whether my hurt might stop by its stitch.

As I have entirely been beaten by the 'squid troubles,' for the time being, or perhaps throughout my life, I made up my mind not to do gracious act like eating 'their highness squid.'

The attached illustration is one of the climax scenes in the Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea," in which they are fighting against a gigantic 'squid'. Captain Nemo might have a hard time with 'squid troubles.'

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