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@ Earth is global

I have been working not only in the overseas but also in Japan, however the ratio of overseas business is higher than other people, hence I have experienced business in all the continents except for the South American Continent.

Mexico, Hawaii and Bali, each once, where I have visited the overseas for a pure sightseeing tour, though I have visited Bali for business innumerable times.
After a long business trip in the Middle East, I have twice returned Japan having seen the sights of Europe and America.

"You have visited all corners of the world and done your work, we know, by the way where do you like the best?" such a question has been showered all over the world just as if the greeting "Hello!"


As one of my natural enemies is 'fermented soybeans,' probably because I was born in Hiroshima, unless I can eat the 'fermented soybeans,' I will be happy in any places on the earth even the South Pole or the North Pole, except for Saudi Arabia where alcohol is absolutely prohibited. I think I will be able to survive only for a week, at the longest, without alcohol, probably or absolutely.

I once participated into the project which aimed at constructing '606 junior secondary school buildings' all over Indonesia for around 4 years since 1996. I ran about all over Indonesia from Sumatra Island in the west-end to Timor Island in the east-end, and was embarrassed at being asked the same question anywhere "where do you like the best?", hence I decided to show my true colors in Indonesian.

Saya suka lokasi yang saya ada sekarang.
I like the place where I am now.

Saya suka waktu yang saya hidup sekarang.
I like the time when I live now.

Saya suka orang yang saya melihat sekarang.
I like the person whom I meet now.

The overseas where I firstly visited was Kuwait, and I was 33 yeas old. The project was to construct an extraordinarily big new town in the suburbs of Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait, with aim to settle the Bedouin, it was my first overseas work as well.
There was a sequel to this new town, at the time of that Gulf War, the place where the Iraqi Army invade Kuwait and constructed their front base was in this new town. I don't know the situation of this new town after the counterattack by the American Army.

When I ran into an apartment house, my lodgings, after transferring airplanes, the day was about to break.
Suddenly, the ringing sound of the 'Azaan (Invitation to Mosque)' which I heard for the first time, came into my ears.

At that moment I was impressed feeling, without any reason, that ah, the earth is global I still remember it vividly.
That impression characterized my remaining life definitely, I think.

The attached photograph is a scene of the full eclipse in Africa in 2001, not the one this year.

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