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@ The Tower of Babel

Speaking Japanese as the 'first mother tongue,' English as the 'second mother tongue' and Indonesian as the 'third mother tongue,' I have been enjoying my daily conversation and doing the best I can enjoy Arabic as the 'fourth mother tongue' recently, probably within a half year.

I once studied Urdu very hard and can speak daily conversation in French, German or Italian. I need to reset my 'brain dictionary' after visiting the individual countries and accustoming my ears to their languages for a day, of course.
Hence, I can follow various tribes' 'languages' smoothly.


Long long time ago, when human beings, who became so arrogant that they lost their awe against gods, began to construct the 'Tower of Babel' which should have been a corridor connecting to the 'heaven world,' the gods raged against it and ordered "In order to disturb the construction of the Tower of Babel, make all the workers' language different individually!" So everybody had began speaking different languages, accordingly the 'Tower of Babel' was not completed, so is it said. It means that, until that time, human beings had been speaking the only or the common language?

By the way, it is my great surprise that languages in the world, which are said to be about 13,000, can enable all kind, say almost 99%, of the 'emotional expression.' Not the 'logical expression.'

In the 'logical expression,' there are rather wide ranges of expression depending upon languages have experienced the 'agricultural revolution,' 'the industrial revolution' or the 'information revolution,' or have encountered the 'world war I' or the 'world war II.' However, the 'emotional expression' is the way of life and the ranges may be rather small. But the ranges of 'emotion', the ranges of which may be smaller but cross any languages, make the individual tribes as they are.

Gods, or, nature, or, the universe, why they allowed human beings to express themselves emotionally in such troublesome, say about thousands way?
I frankly think that they gave us too much wonderful a 'gift' in compensation of the disturbance of the construction of the 'Tower of Babel.'
As far as I know, the providence of nature is 'nature never wastes,' and the providence is remarkably clear in our body such as 'five fingers' or further the 'design of sexual organs.'

In Japan, Murasaki-shikibu, Seisho-nagon, a lot of Waka-series, Matsuo Basho or Chikamatsu Monzaemon has been sharpening 'Japanese', or, without Shakespeare the current 'English' has not existed. I think that I know such backgrounds as uncountable endeavors have been made in the 'emotional expression,' however why have we been creating so many types of language expression?

By the way I may have to speak of the 'extinguishing languages.' In parallel with the global time distance having been shortened, languages have been extinguishing in an accelerative speed. Not a few philologists fear how many languages can survive until the end of this century. Just recently the international philology symposium was held in the USA. 'Basque' was discussed as one of the serious 'extinguishing languages.' 'Basque' has been promoting their independence movement based on the Pyrenees Mountains located on the boundary between France and Spain, and is as well the homeland of 'Francisco Xavier' who has been familiar to Japanese. It is certain that the popularization of the Internet which mainly utilizes English has decisively been extinguishing languages, but my blog has also been using the Internet.

The attached illustration is the 'Tower of Babel' by that famous Pieter Bruegel. The 'Tower of Babel', which was described in the Old Testament, has often been depicted as a theme of paintings from religious viewpoint alike.

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