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I can not remember when it was exactly, in one morning, I was cleaning my teeth as usual and asked myself casually "Will I finish my life only with right-handed?"

It was a serious question for me who had always been dreaming "In my only once life, though materialistic, although I can not be a woman, except for the possibility of a transsexual operation, I want spend as diverse life as possible."

In a moment, I changed my hand having a toothbrush from the right one to the left one, and, of course, changed everything else which I had done with the right hand until that time to the left one.
I have been a 'perfectionist' well enough in doing such something foolish as teeth-brushing, shaving, eating with chopsticks, dishwashing, letter-writing, toilet training, etc.


It was an exciting adventure for me, having been born and grown up as the right-handed, to re-study what I had unconsciously mastered with my right hand with my left hand consciously, in which 'I could re-experience my growing process from my baby age.' I could never imagine that I would be able to do such a matter.

What I firstly studied through the 'teeth-brushing' and 'shaving' was the 'right arm' could lightly move the 'right hand.' My right hand could lightly move 'swiftly' but my wild left hand could heavily move 'slowly.'

In the 'eating with chopsticks,' starting from the struggles with 'tofu' or 'boiled beans,' I could finally win a victory with 'Japanese slim noodles with soup.'

What I could not overcome was the 'letter-writing.' Any 'letters,' such as the 'Hieroglyphs' in Egypt, the 'Cuneiform' in Babylonia, the 'Kanji' in China and the 'Alphabet' in Phoenicia, could or can be shared because they had or have some certain system or mechanism, hence I carelessly judged that I would be able to write letters with my left hand further easily than the 'eating with chopsticks.' It was one of my biggest misunderstandings.

'Writing letters with the left hand' is the most difficult act. As I realized so, I looked around my surroundings, almost all my friends with the left handed wrote letters placing a paper 90 degrees sideways. I stood aghast at reaffirming it.

'Letters being written from the left to the right', from the Arabic letters down, are not strange in the world, however as far as I know, the Arabic people with the left-handed write the Arabic letters placing a paper 90 degrees sideways as the Japanese do. That is to say, it might not be a problem whether 'to write letters from the left to the right' or 'to write letters from the right to the left.'

Leonardo da Vinci left a lot of writings, not only paintings. As he was extremely left-handed, he wrote all the writings turning right-side left. Hence, we need a mirror for reading his original writings, it's a well-known story.

When we give a pen to babies or chimpanzees and try to make them draw something, they start doing graffiti. In most cases they draw 'circles' towards their insides. I suspect that the 'birth of right-handed letters' had a kind of secret in such fields as the 'mechanism of muscles.'

The attached photograph is a holy book of Islam, the "Koran." As the Arabic language is inscribed only by 'consonants' in principle, the beginner of studying the Arabic language is a serious matter in reading newspapers or billboards, because we have to imagine hidden 'vowels,' however the 'Koran' should completely exactly be pronounced, occasionally the God had predicted Arabic Mohamed in the Arabic language, hence it is attached with the supplementary vowel marks. Why not, I can read it exactly.

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