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To say nothing of the interior of Japan, of course all over the world, towards the end of the world except for the North Pole and the South Pole, in the world it is filled with the 'story of nice restaurants' focusing on 'where are nice restaurants?' such as the 'gourmet introduction' in books, the 'feature articles on gourmet' in magazines, the 'gourmet special' on TVs and furthermore the 'gourmet chattering' through the Internet chatting.


But still, we rarely come across similar books, articles, programs and conversations which focus on 'where are terrible restaurants?' Such matters may be talked among intimate people; however, almost not in public places?

In the really common TV programs in which some restaurant's 'boastful cuisine' is sampled (usually cuisine specially cooked for the program is offered) after searching for a 'nice restaurant' (actually staff have already found it), it is a 'common custom' that an epicure or a talent shows their admiration by expressing 'how delicious!' just as they taste the first cuisine. I'm completely chilled by hearing the 'word'; however, I think that the issue is on my side that is chilled because I watch a TV knowing the above story from first.

I want to watch, even once, such a scene that someone is astonished by saying 'how terrible!' Why not the scene will be cut and an epicure or a talent who speaks of frank impressions will lose a program as a result, in the worst case he or she may be purged from all the mass-media.

A great master of the fermentation science in Japan rather the world, Mr. KOIZUMI TAKEO, wrote a very interesting book titled "MAZUI! (Terrible!)" which talked 'terrible restaurants'. However, Mr. KOIZUMI, a gentleman, didn't such a rude things as revealing individual names of 'terrible restaurants', of course.

Not based on the 'brain's knowledge' gained from 'information' but based on the 'tongue's terror' knocked down by my own 'actual experience', I would like to talk of the 'terrible restaurants'.

If I'm asked to give examples of the 'terrible restaurants' I've experienced, I can immediately talk of the following 'worst three';

"Chinese Noodle" I ate in the Ueno Park

Long ago I ate it together with my partner. The taste, if I could call it a 'taste', was something I could call 'weird' or 'uncanny'. No matter how terrible instant noodles were further, incredibly, terrible, even after a mouthful of it, it was absolutely impossible to continue eating it.

I still remember that I talked with my partner about the question whether the restaurant had been striving for making 'terrible Chinese noodles' day and night. Otherwise, if they would be careless, the noodles might have immediately become tasty, in other words, edible.

After having met with the above 'accident', I have never eaten any foods in the Ueno Park except for the ones I bring in.

The sequel will be in the 'terrible restaurants 2'. The attached photograph is 'delicious Chinese noodles' introduced in the web site 'Super delicious Chinese noodles', however I have to say I have not yet eaten them actually.

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