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@ The lunar calendar and the solar calendar: 1

Until I found the fact the other day by chance, I had believed for a long time, without any question, that the Japanese lunar calendar was the lunar calendar, even though I have been working in the areas where the lunar calendar is used, more correctly the lunar calendar is also used, such as Arabian countries, Pakistan and Indonesia.


This year, 2006, the Chinese New Year was 22nd of January, however considering it more, the Chinese New Year was in this time every year, and furthermore the Japanese lunar New Year was always between the middle and the latter half of January, I remember. I also have pleasant memories that in my hometown Hiroshima we pounded steam rice into cake more in the lunar New Year than in the solar New Year.

But the calendar in the Islamic bloc is brought forward by around two weeks each year, hence the really simple question 'WHY SO?' was the beginning of the story.

'Ramadan Month' famous for fasting or 'Eid al-Adha' known by offering sheep etc. after the period of 'Hajj', they certainly come about two weeks earlier every year.
For example, 'Ramadan' started at the beginning of October in 2005, however it is supposed to start around in the middle of September in 2006.

As a result of my quick study the following facts were turned out, or rather my laziness was exposed!

The true 'Lunar Calendar' which solely conforms to the lunar movement is the 'Hegira Calendar' only which has been in use today in the Islamic bloc.
In this connection the 'Hegira Calendar' started at the time when the Prophet Muhammad exiled himself from Mecca to medina, 'hegira' means 'exile'.

We may be able to find a clue to clear up the mystery and attraction of the Islam in the fact as well that they settled the timing of ultimately hard suffering as the 'start of the calendar', not the brilliant honorable timing.

The 'lunar calendar' used in Japan is exactly the one to be called the 'lunar-solar calendar' which, based on the 'solar calendar' adjusts a difference in the actual season by inserting a leap month.
I think that the 'lunar calendar' used in China, Taiwan or the areas where a lot of overseas Chinese such as Singapore is made by the similar mechanism to the 'lunar-solar calendar'.

As it is considerably complex how to make the 'lunar-solar calendar', I recommend persons who want to know the details to browse some suitable Internet sites.

As for the relation between the 'lunar calendar' and the 'solar calendar', I will be describing it a little bit more in detail in the part 2.

I would like to tell about a TV program related to a 'calendar' or 'time' which I saw while I was in New York.

It was a TV drama for more than 2 hours on the theme of the First World War.
As a young soldier from New York could live on though all of his limbs were blown off by bombing, i.e. he could live on with his trunk and head which cannot see, hear nor speak, he was forced to live on as a guinea pig for a medical study by the German army.

Since the time when he became conscious he asked himself, over and over again, "When is it now?", I can vividly visualize that scene even now. His question was not 'Where am I now?".

The attached illustration is the 'symbol of a calendar' depicted by the Aztec who once established remarkable civilization in the middle of Mexico.

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