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Mysteries in nose hair: 2

Why does anybody look like 'silly' if their nose hair is coming out of their nostrils?
Even if someone exposes any other hair including pubic hair, they don't look like 'silly'. They might look like 'untidy' or 'shameful' at worst.

Is it because something which should normally hide in the nostrils exposes itself to the outside?
As an act to put out one's 'tongue' which should be hidden in the mouth is not accepted as so favourable one, universally, nose hair is neither done?
Come to think of it, the 'Einstein's snapshot' shooting his tongue is super well-know, however I have never seen a picture of 'Einstein exposing his nose hair'.

Even though giving way to accepting that 'because one which should hide by nature has exposed oneself, it may have made another one abominable', the 'potency of exposed 1 mm nose hair' is so supereminent that the above acceptance cannot explain the real reason.

I have bee taking the precious time of life, which is said to exist only once in this world except for the next world, off to having been wondering about, without end, this and that of the 'mysteries of nose hair'. I will try to make notes of the 'mysteries of nose hair' in a collage style.


Is the compositional arrangement, that nose hair exposes itself on a human's face, inexcusable 'aesthetically' for mankind?
A lot of skulls in the Jomon period the 'teeth' of which had been extremely sharpened came out, in China of the Ching era 'bound feet', which were made by stunting feet deformedly as far as unable to walk, were made much of, or in the South Asia, women who made their necks longer just like a crane by piling up metal rings around their necks or women who changed their lips into ones which even a pelican feels embarrassed at by outing wooden panels, bigger by bigger, into their upper and lower lips were also made much of.
While such 'eccentric aesthetics', for which '1 mm exposed nose hair' is no much, has been accepted in a big way.

As a historical fact I know nothing of, was there any crucial accident such as follows? An extraordinary hero or beauty somewhere on earth was dislodged from his/her existent position of glory or splendor only by he/she 'exposed his/her nose hair as long as merely 1 mm, and since then 'exposing one's nose hair' has been under 'taboo'.

Is something latent in '1 mm nose hair' as well, which is common to instinctive fear or hatred against a 'spectacle' in 'photographs' or 'films' of a war, terrorism or murder scenes in which bloody pieces of bone or flesh are exposed, pieces which should not be seen normally?

In the history of 'human's evolution', we once shouldered a crucial handicap, didn't we?
Such like the fear and the worship to a 'snake' vividly remind us of the 'conflict between reptiles and the mammals' in the life evolution history on earth.

More simply, is there any uncomfortable influence like being bad for health such as taking a cold or inhaling bad matter due to 'exposing nose hair'?

In such a manner one question after another question spring out without a break as if 'nose hair comes out of my nostrils'. I will 'put back my nose hair' once.

The attached illustration is said that this should be the 'existent sample of the 'genus animal walking with a nose' in relation with a book titled 'The genus animal walking with a nose − structure and life of the newly found mammals' written by Toshio Hidaka.

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