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Mysteries in nose hair: 1

One of the matters which have been on my mind from a longtime ago is a 'deep question about nose hair', say a 'mystery of nose hair', or say a 'wonder of nose hair', or the 'secrets of nose hair'.

The beginning of the question was very much simple, say 'why does anybody look like a "silly", even though they are a wise man or a true gentleman, or a beautiful woman or a handsome man, if one's nose hair comes out of one's nostrils, even 1 mm only?'

But beginning thinking about the reason, the story does not easily come to an end and falls into a deep place.


To give an example by a face, no one with a little bit funny head hair, eyebrows or eyelashes never look like a "silly', even mustaches or beards throw their weight around with no thought. Furthermore a 'charismatic hair-designer' is doing a good business, or eyebrows are erased and redrawn, or eyelashes are made look longer by adding false eyelashes, why only nose hair is discriminated?

It is said that the head hair protects the head, however the efficacy is considerably doubtful, it is also a cook-and-bull story that eyelashes protect the eyeballs against dust, or as for eyebrows and a beard we cannot understand at all what their functions are except for their aesthetic effect, of course.

Although its function that nose hair sticks at protecting the lungs from dust or dirt coming into them is most unquestionable among noticeable hair on the face, why nose hair is so much looked down on that 'everybody laughs at somebody whose nose hair comes out of his or her nostrils, just by 1 mm'?

Sometimes I am eager to doubt if 'having a prejudice' means nose hair, in Japanese 'hating somebody like hair' means 'having a prejudice against somebody'.

I have never seen, as far as I remember, 'Mona Lisa with nose hair coming out of her nostrils' or 'David with nose hair coming out of his nostrils', while we can see a lot of leading characters with nose hair coming out of their nostrils in Japanese 'farces' and not a few examples that "silly", not "happy-go-lucky", characters' nose hair comes out of their nostrils in not only Japanese but also overseas 'cartoons". Even in Kabuki in which players' faces are made up so flamboyantly I have never seen any character who dares to make their nose hair come out of their nostrils.

Thus hate or disdain for an affair 'nose hair coming out of one's nostrils', say 'hate against nose hair', or say [disdain against nose hair', seems a common phenomenon or attitude at every corner in the world, not only in Japan.

As I, who have been working in the world continents except for South America, feel so, the above conclusion may not be so big a mistake, I believe.

The attached illustration is the 'Father of BAKABON', a main character of the 'Genius BAKABON (Silly Boy)' by that AKATSUKA Fujio.

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