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Workplace in Giza
For a small change, I would like to introduce a workplace in Giza in which I have been working.

There are 2 buildings of the preparation office for the 'Grand Egyptian Museum' development project. One of the buildings in which I have been working is the 'Technical Committee' for architects, engineers and IT experts, while another is the building for the staff of general and financial affairs, the 'Executive Authority'.

Both of them are located in the site scheduled for the museum construction and imposing orthodox 2 story buildings, however they will be demolished after the completion of the museums (scheduled in the latter half of 2010 or the first half).

All the photographs show the 'Technical Committee', the first one is the exterior of the 'entrance', the next one is the 'Giza Plateau = the eastern edge of the Western Desert (the Libyan Desert)', the third one is the 'courtyard' and the last one is the 'group of large pyramids' looked from the rooftop of the workplace.

Three pictures from the first to the third are blurred because they were taken in the early morning. However, this is not because the sunlight is weak but because of the 'smog' which is notorious Cairo's specialty from the coming season.

In this season when rice harvesting in the Nile Delta finishes, farmers start burning straw. The smog is caused by smoke given out at that time, townsmen living in Cairo city say.

On the other hand, the villagers farming in the suburbs of Cairo say that although they have been burning straw for more than hundreds of years, smog and the like has never sprung from the burning, conversely the smog has begun springing up after automobiles in Cairo city began growing with increasing speed, therefore car fumes causes the smog.

The governor who has jurisdiction over Cairo naturally standing on the side of Cairo citizens, while the governor who has jurisdiction over the surrounding areas of Cairo as well standing on the side of farmers of course, they criticize one another. The argument becomes hot but the smog has never calmed down so cool.
This is because I dare to show the latest 'blurred photographs'.

The last one is not so much blurred as the former 3 pictures, because this one was taken in the late morning. In the early morning we can not see the group of the Giza's large pyramids towering close by the office, though we could see them so clearly in the beginning of September.

It is over nearly one month since I have begun working in Giza, but I have yet entered into the inside of those pyramids though I have once reached the side of them. Furthermore I have never seen even the outside appearance of the sphinx.

In spite that the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, has issued a special permit to me, by which I can enter into, without fee at any time, all historical sites and museums in Egypt.

I don't at all want to pride myself on saying I've been so much busy. Instead, having been looking at them from morning until evening everyday that lofty pyramid becomes one of the plain landscapes, and I don't have any special sentiments towards them nowadays. In the meantime I nod to myself whenever I look at soaring dunes being close at hand.

Artefacts being so marvelously established may not be equal to the power natural form has.




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