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The genuine and the true: 3

I have been touring around museums and remains in various places of Egypt, due to my limited time now, I have been unable to study the inside of Pyramids or Pharaoh's tombs in detail but have been observing, almost looking on, them from their outside only.

Before visiting Egypt I had already browsed information through books and the internet in various manners, so I did have preliminary knowledge. However, I was astonished at finding colorful remains than I had expected when I actually looked at the 'Genuine' on the site. Directly looking at relieves and hieroglyphs painted with plenty of colors, I was enticed to be veiled in such illusions as drifting in noises and flavors of the time when those buildings and statues had been constructed or created.


Borobudur in Indonesia, Ajanta & Erora in India and Horyuji-temple in Japan, those Buddhism heritages remained in various places in the world had been painted with gorgeous and brilliant colors and should have offered the 'another world i.e. heavenly world' which had seemed to be something in the other world.
The 'Disney Land' and the 'Universal Studio' are popular, however they are almost similar to the above world where then groups of families, friends and couples wished to emancipate their body and soul even in a moment forgetting chains in this world for a while, I arbitrarily imagine that it should have been so.

Fully colored paint has come off and we can only see basic materials which have been weathered with the long passage of time. Buddhism activities, which in that time had been very active but we can not imagine it now, have lost vigor entirely. Temples, once it was a base of activities, have become calm tourism attractions which visitors just look on. Though voices of tour guides are still echoing gaily.

Being surrounded by 'genuine' Buddhism heritages in the current conditions, we unintentionally feel 'Ah, the religious world should be such a spiritual one surrounded by stillness'. Such feeling or imagination is really 'true', isn't it?

Through the passage of a mind-boggling time, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands in the Middle East history, the 'genuine' has been changed, and together the situation of the 'true', which has been involved by the 'genuine' or has involved the 'genuine', has also been changed - it should be a natural flow. However, we are apt to get it into our heads, judging from the current state of the 'genuine, that the then situation of the 'true' had existed in the now state of the 'genuine' by one-sidedly jumping over the time passage.

Isn't it necessary for us to listen to a 'story of time' which has been folded inside of buildings in remains or exhibits in museums?

I am not sure but remember it was probably the word of German philosopher Hegel 'Not to talk about a stone, but to listen to words the stone tells'. This theme is profound insight into a deep gap lying between the 'genuine' and the 'true'.

Apart from limited new religions, the religions which have most actively been keeping the 'genuine' religion and the 'true' belief in modern society are 'Islam' and 'Judaism'. The situation, in which Israel who follows Judaism and Arabic countries who follow Islam have been rigorously taking a stand against each other and made no mutual concessions, may be mysterious or even a menace to so-called developing countries including Japan in which the demarcation between the 'genuine' and the 'true' has become ambiguous. The key to the invasion into Iraq by America, impulsive but very utilitarian on the other hand, may be found in around the above.

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