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Why night is dark? 1

As it was a considerably old story, I do not remember it exactly; the Times of the UK announced a subject 'why night is dark?' on its newspapers celebrating the start of the 20th century with a reward which was unprecedented in those days.

As anyone could send an answer, the answers were not only enormous in their amount but also outstanding in their ideas' originality. However, none of which could not be accepted by the judging team consisted of scientists who were on the top level at that time.

Leaving the question whether it was a perfectly correct answer, it was about 20 years after the subject announcement that the judging team accepted an answer which was considered right in those days' scientific judgment. The answer was something to fundamentally explode the cosmology established until that time.


It is wasteful to deprive you of such exceptional pleasure as hitting on an idea, thinking it and proving it, hence I will talk of the answer itself in the other occasion sometime.

As for me who had grown up in good health believing 'night is dark' without doubting anything else, the question 'why night is dark?' itself was something, furthermore I was taken aback by how such a question could be hit on from the bottom of my heart. I, at my own direction, had felt proud that I could create a plenty of ideas until that time, however such groundless self-confidence was blown away instantly.

Since then, at every opportunity when I have met a stranger in either business or play, sometimes casually and sometimes impudently, I have asked them a question 'why night is dark?'

Responses of people who were asked the question were various, however they could be classified roughly as follows;

Be perplexed at an instantaneous question;
"I can not understand at all what he is saying"

Become uncomfortable against having been asked itself;
"I am of high social standing and never ignorant in science. Isn't it impolite to ask me such axiomatic question?"

Be sunk in thought for a while;
"I'll answer when I see you next time"

Answer immediately;
"It's obvious isn't it, because the sun goes away? There are no grounds for any other answers"

The last type response commanded an overwhelming majority, and it was usual to be asked back "Well, what was the answer which was considered right in those days?"
I did or didn't answer depending a person, however, even I did, most of people replied just only "Ah so" that's it.

Frankly speaking I have been surprised in no small way at the fact that only a few people have shown their interest in a leap of inspiration asking 'why night is dark?'

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