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Pandora's Box 4

The Bedouin community based in the desert, not a few of them live in the suburbs, which could be isolated from transport such as railways and cars, and the mass-media such as publishing and broadcasting was unable to effectively counter the invasion of the Internet utilizing easy telephone lines or mobile phone recently.

On the other hand, the 'Return to Bedouin' in the Arab society, in which the tendency to become independent taking the opportunity of the Great Arab Revolt in the beginning of the 20th century, had advanced. The Arab male fashion, the formal one of which we see on newspapers or television today, almost follows the Bedouin's clothes, from the upper to the public.


The Internet technology enables 'opened communication' which directly connects numbers, while the Bedouin's paradigm sticks to 'closed communication' through which only a minority talk with each other directly.
The crisis of the internal disintegration of the Bedouin community has no more remained in the desert, and begun overspreading the whole Arab as bottomless chaos which can lead up to the self-collapse of the whole society of Arab.

Transition to indirect democracy has not advanced because the spread of the mass-media, indirect communication means, has been delayed, further worse acknowledgement of defeat in the Middle East War pervading the whole society, drive to organize and operate society has begun declining and the society, as a counterbalance to the above, has begun putting the helm towards the direction in which they try to embody inner space described in the Qur'an in a secular social system or return to the spiritual climate of the Bedouin having been collapsing internally.

Economically advanced nations such as Europe and America which consider that indirect democracy and market economy are right and have the Christian paradigm as the background, they feel so apprehensive about such veer of the Arab society that they have gradually strengthened external pressure on the Arab society by various means.

Through the synergism between the internal collapse by the Internet and the external pressure headed by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) as well as the WTO (World Trade Organization), the Arab society has fallen into ultimately oversensitive condition.

Under the situation that it is difficult to reach an understanding using a representative democracy, handiwork to try self-assertion by having recourse to violence is quicker and easier to see the result than the one through dialogue. That is the rise of terrorism.

Different from the society of the West or Japan which has moved from active direct democracy to representative democracy and now is moving to informative direct democracy, the Arab society has to move headlong from minor direct democracy to major direct democracy without experiencing representative democracy. The root of the problem lies there.

Culture which has been cultivated in long history for more than tens of thousands of years is all identity of society and the tribe, and cultural assets, in which culture formed and bored fruit, are the sole key, perhaps, to reconstructing its own identity which the Arab society has nearly been losing.

By making cultural assets humans' common property, it becomes possible for the Arabs to virtually share Arabian cultural assets.

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