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Pandora's Box 2

It is the Arab society who has been reacting to such turning-back most sensitively.
I wrote it in the previous BLOG that the 'Modern Standard Arabic', which has been used all over the Arabic sphere, from the west end of Africa to the east of Iraq, has little been changed from the words with which Muhammad, the last and true prophet, was revealed by the absolute God, Allah, about 1400 years ago, and the Arab society is the one in which any deviation from those words is not forgiven.

This is the community in which the transcendent religion and the secular society are closely combined by the words of the Qur'an. As it is symbolized by the fact that Muhammad came from a merchant, on the other hand the Arab society is considerably pure association as well.

Former terrorism before the Internet prevailed could be found its prime motives and causes in such secular problems as politics and economy, except for terrorism aiming at personal revenge, however today's terrorism as in New York the other day, in London recently and in Baghdad frequent everyday, cannot be found its roots from such secular viewpoints as before.


Because they fundamentally mistook the judgment and have not yet noticed it, otherwise they may have been pretending as if they don't notice it because they cannot turn back now, Iraq has been unable to get rid of the present horrible condition.
The attack against Iraq can be accounted by secular reasons, but the occupation of Iraq cannot be accounted by them only.

Looking at the bustle of Sazaby's and Christy's auctions held in London and New York, sometimes in Tokyo as well, the slogan or the message that let's make cultural assets human's common property looks something even like a dreamy story of a maiden of the white rose of virginity. Almost all of the features in those auctions are the cultural assets, they are made a bid of so extraordinary prices as to outsiders, will be moved from one's hands to another's hands, openly in some cases or secretly in other cases.

Even though, unless making cultural assets humans common property or making it possible, it is impossible in the present society in which the Internet has already appeared to lessen, I don't say wipe them out!, the terrorism. Pandora's Box has already been opened!

It is cultural assets which can carefully bring up a tiny fairy 'hope' of the Internet combining the transcended and the secular. It is the area of the Middle and Near East, duplicated with the modern Arab society, which has been looted most of its cultural assets.

In the flooding of the Internet cafes at every corner in Arab towns, one of the safety devices which may be able to avoid the nuclear explosion, of the community, especially of the Arab community, is 'cultural assets.'

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