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Pandora's Box 1

'Pandora's Box' is one of the well-known Greek myths.

Handing a box, Zeus warned "You never open this box" and sent a first woman to the ground. She was Pandora.
Well of course, that's the way of the world, if we are said "never open it" we can not help opening it. As 'Urashima Taro' a fisherman in an old Japanese fairy tale did, Pandora became unbearable and at last opened the box one day.
Hardly had the box been opened before numerous evil sprits such as jealousy jumped out of the box all at once.
When astonished Pandora put the top on a box in panic, a small voice came from the inside of the box and pleaded with Pandora for "Please wait for moment. I haven't yet got out. My name is 'hope'"
ssion of a community itself.


I once thought, for a long time, that an atomic bomb was the 'Pandora's Box,' and was convinced that a computer was the very 'Pandora's Box' when it appeared, a personal computer in particular.
But I now began thinking that the Internet is the very, very 'Pandora's Box.' Heaven alone knows what will come next or "Insha 'llah!"

The Internet seems to have opened a box which has never been opened, but even so a box will be opened sooner or later. Once it was opened we can not turn back any more, we cannot help soothing little evils cleverly and, on the other hand, carefully bringing up a little fairy, probably.

We may be able to summarize, so extremely but, that human beings have changed over their society from a direct participatory community which shares fate to indirect participatory which divides benefit through such a time flow as the history of human evolution for millions of years, the history of society formation for tens of thousands of years and the history of civilization construction for thousands of years. It is not clear whether the changes have been driven consciously or unconsciously, or spontaneously or forcedly.

The Internet itself, at a glance, seems to be of a classic association type, however it is not so simple if we carefully observe the Internet including a variety of surrounding movement related to the Internet. I cannot help thinking that a kind of counter-clockwise movement directed to a community has been pulsating in the bottom of the Internet or contrarily in its periphery.

I began thinking that the above movement, or it may be called side effect, of the Internet may be closely related with the recurrent terrorism not in the meaning of the information technology but in the meaning of the paradigm.

Physical mobilization measures which has been relied on for a long time and today as well, modern communication measures such as telephone which occupies a line and global broadcasting or mobile phone which uses today's satellite technique, they have been accelerating a major trend from a community towards association, however the Internet has been turning back to a community unconsciously and with energy which may be able to set in the nuclear fi

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