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Marking Mail

Against my message introduced in the 'Hard Struggle,' the other day, Ms Khairieh sent me her marking mail, I would like to introduce it as follows;

Ms Khairieh is a Jordanian archaeologist and has a doctor degree, however to myself she has been the most powerful partner in making up the exhibition plan of the Jordan National Museum for these 2 years.

She is of an active type who loves site excavation of archaeological remains than anything else, but her most love is the Petra Remaining, architectural facades engraved on beautiful rocks, excavated potteries and artifacts, history and culture, the hydraulic infrastructure, still used today, fully utilizing natural topography, she is a scientist and a romanticist as well who loves all of them.


Yes dear Namba took me some time to guess the Japanese in the BLOG, but very interesting, and I enjoyed Culture 1, 2 and Hard Struggle.

May the archaeologist intervene a bit?

The Romans annexed the Nabataeans in AD 106, not 63 BC (that was the annexation of Jerusalem, the Nabataeans were the last people to be taken over by the Romans in our part of the world), but more importantly the US are returning the Khirbat adh-Dharih facade not because they ever took it, but the Jordanians gave them a loan of it only since last year, only for an exhibition (like the exhibition in Japan), unfortunately they have taken many other statues from Jordan before (in the 1940s) and have absolutely no intention to return any of the ones they perceive as "theirs".

Also the Australians, they legally took out the Wadi Himmah artifacts as part of a policy on "sharing excavated objects" that we had till 3 years ago. They are now willing to return them because the new director of the museum there is not interested in them! He wants the space for other things.

So nobody is actually returning anything they consider of value that they have taken, not only Americans, Australians or Europeans but also any others.

Good night for now dear Namba,

Being very much reflected over my laziness and hasty judgment,
Thanks to Ms Khairieh again who willingly agreed to opening her personal mail on my BLOG, and further called me up requesting me to deliver her message to Japanese at all costs.

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