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Eyes from the Mediterranean 1: Culture from the sea

Buckminster Fuller, well-known for the perfectly round 'Fuller Dome' which is said to enable to completely cover the whole Manhattan, wrote a fairly tale titled 'Tetra Scrolls' for his lovely daughter.
Buckminster Fuller is nicknamed 'Bucky' among Americans, while he is also described as 'Leonardo da Vinci of America' appreciating his diverse inspirations and inventions of a genius.

Well, why not the fairly tale des not finish as a simple story because Bucky has written it, the fairly tale flexibly shows us his own Fuller World from the elemental particle theory to the cosmology.
The loved daughter, I remember she was still before 10 years old, who could, probably, understand this fairly tale had to be somebody, sure is it.


In the latter half of the fairly tale, Bucky, the person like a mass of rationalism, surprises us not a little by completely changing a way of talking that the human civilization started from Polynesia and gradually spread all over the world. The civilization began on not the land but the sea, and spread out over individual continents ascended big rivers. As Bucky, the above is a considerably unprecedented, scientifically suspicious and even irrational-looking argument!

In the Sanskrit a dragon is called 'Naga,' it is because the memory that the civilization ascended rivers like a dragon and it is as well proof that the civilization originated in the sea, continues Bucky.

As its proof, we say sailing as navigation and a country as a nation, it is all based on this 'Naga,' and at last the 'Naga' reached the Northern Europe and became a saga, the saga which means a legacy of heroes and is used now as a long-run novel.
The 'Naga' had come up to Japan, and it became 'Nagare' stream, the 'Nagaragawa-river', 'Nada' the open sea and so on, Bucky even refers to Japan.

By the way, my name 'Namba' and Osaka's ancient name 'Naniwa' are also come from the 'Naga,' a dragon was a water god, 'Namba' was a tribe name who administered water and 'Naniwa' was the place-name of a water city.

Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian adventurer, who crossed the Southern Pacific from the east to the west on a raft, demonstrated the diffusion of the ancient civilization and became famous with publishing 'The Adventure of the Kon-Tiki,' Bucky was on friendly footing on him personally, hence it can presume that he might affected Bucky's above sayings, but then we are easily satisfied with Bucky's way of persuasive talking. 'Well, that makes a lot of sense'

'Murakami Suigun,' a navy tribe who flourished based on the Inland Sea of Japan, the ancient name 'Naniwa' of Osaka is also from 'Naga,' 'Wako' devastated the East China Sea, it's better not to simply write down them as pirates, 'Maja Pahit Kingdom' who established the ocean empire which was rare in the world history, Okinawa was also part of it, sailors and traders from all over the world who ran around the Indian Ocean with the monsoon, a lot of the same ships as in those days still flourish now, 'Basque' who put aside enormous wealth by secretly monopolizing cod fishery offshore the Newfound Land, Francisco Xabier famous for a missionary to Japan was also Basque, merchants in Phoenicia and Venice who competed with each other for supremacy over the Mediterranean, Phoenician brought the alphabet and Venetian the double-entry bookkeeping, adventurers such as Columbus who voyaged to the New Continent in the Navigation Age, the beginning of high-risk and high-return, it is another matter whether the civilization began on the sea or not, the sea history is glorious no less than the land history.

In 'Kojiki,' one of the oldest Japanese myths, for some reason or other 'Yamahiko,' a mountain man, was a good guy while 'Umihiko,' a sea man, was forced into a bad guy.
In a grand sumo tournament, the Japanese national game, a sumo wrestler with a name of 'Yama,' a mountain, and another sumo wrestler with a name of 'Umi,' the sea, firstly do leg stomps which beat the earth and fight each other scrimmaging one another on a round wrestling ring, furthermore they put a topknot on the head which symbolizes a bird. How symbolic they are!

There was a legend of 'A white god coming over the sea' in the Incaic Empire in the South America, by abusing this legend Francisco Pizzaro easily plundered the Empire and its treasures, it might have been the large-scale looting of cultural assets for the first time in history.
There was a legend of 'People coming from the sea' in the Middle and Near East as well, the Filantine, named by Israeli and Palestinian today, came to this land bringing pottery making skill from Levant, the area near Turk in the Aegean Sea, they might have been the said people, it is presumed so.

People living on the sea knew that the earth was round through their experience, while people living on the land believed that the earth was flat, and intuitionally understood that all beings were dynamic like ocean, not stable like ground.
The symbolic proof is basketwork; people on the land makes a basket in two directions, vertical and horizontal, while people on the sea makes it in three directions, vertical, horizontal and diagonal, otherwise a basket can not proof dynamic force or motion, concluded Bucky admiring people of the sea.

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