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Terrorism of Culture

The synchronized acts of terrorism raised in London on July 7, the Star Festival Day, did not come as a great shock to me who had been making an exhibition plan of the Jordan National Museum in Amman, not because I had accustomed myself to hearing the news of terrorism repeated in neighboring Iraq everyday.

I have just started reading the eEgypt,f one of the elonely planetf series for my business. One of the pages I read yesterday gave a description of the following;

In recent years there have been requests from the Egyptian government for the return of key pieces including the Rosetta Stone, a bust of Nefertiti held by the British Museum and some statues of Hatshepsut held in New York.
But although the Western fascination with 'Oriental' Egypt has long since abated, the chances of these treasures being returned are very slight.


On the one hand Western developed countries, criticizing the modern imperialism, insist that they have already grown into a democracy hence they have to support undeveloped nations such as Iraq even by appealing to arms. On the other hand they have proudly been holding cultural assets, arbitrarily positioning them to be their national treasures such as Berlinfs great treasures, which had been looted from the nations delayed in modernization by their ancestors, imperialists. How can I explain this accomplished fact without calling it eterrorism of culture.f

In the Jordan National Museum we have extremely been troubled with this problem. It is of course to be suffered from physical pain when cultural assets were looted, however it is difficult to heal psychological pain caused by the fact that they are kept being looted. Why they shall go to the West in order for them to study the origins of their own culture?

When I temporarily returned Tokyo, looking through an album of the exhibition of Berlinfs great treasures which one of my friends cautiously offered to me, I became wrapped up in deep hopeless sadness than a fury.

Just then I was firmly convinced of the following myself;

Unless we can make cultural assets common property of humankind, i.e. so far as we are unable to extinguish market value, world peace can not be achieved. The fundamental cause for frequent terrorism in the world is given not only by economy but by culture, hence terrorism will not vanish from the world until such a global mechanism as UNESCO, which changes cultural assets into humankindfs common property, is established.

By setting up this BLOG, I will take quiet but confident action against the terrorism in London!

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